Sexting? we on that! Orgasmic responsibilities yours or mine & 99 problems well we need to talk about 1!


Text dirty to me, lets talk about that good old sexting, now send those nudes because I just took the perfect dick pic for you. Also due to a recent text message we must speak on orgasmic responsibilities, is it really my (Mac Denyc) fault if you can’t reach climax? Finally how to tell someone close they have a problem. Home girl, I know we friends and all but ahhh take this bar of soap and do something you’re not used to doing with it.


The truth will set you, back? Chivalry or equality can’t be both & Boom, your turning me off!


What I wanted to say was, but what actually came out my mouth was, because if I said what I wanted to say we wouldn’t be in this situation. Confused? Don’t worry, will break that down for you. We touched on the chivalry vs equality a long time ago we diving back into it this week because we can. He was the perfect guy until he spoke. She was the perfect woman until I saw her feet. Yep that’s right we are diving into turn offs. The Mixlr and Facebook chats will be open as well as the … Continue reading

Nasty as in nasty as in gross, friends for friends or nah and the almighty fixer upper?

So your place smells like garbage? You have mice, roaches and bedbugs? You haven’t showered for 3 days and your breath stinks? No problem, someone is willing to put up with your nasty ass, but who??? Tell your friends, to get with, oh you don’t have any friends? Well then why not? your fucking it up for everyone else. I see so much potential in him, he’s destine for great things, you just have to look past his jail record, the face tattoos and his wife to see the real him.

The games we play, equations and underestimating others?

Lets be kids so we can act like adults for once! do you like me, yes, no, maybe? . Spoke on this last week, we taking another look at the equation system equal to or greater then? Underestimating your partner? maybe she won’t but then again maybe she will. I’m in the chat rooms as well as taking phone calls people so lets talk about. Mac DeNyc bringing you another episode of true stories.

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